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1974 Beatles To Bond And Bach
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Álbum: Beatles To Bond And Bach
Original de: 1974
Discografica: Polydor
Edición: 1974
Formato: mp3
Año de formación: 1950
Origen: Gran Bretaña


The Bond Suite
A1a James Bond Theme
A1b Whisper Who Dares
A1c Bond Meets Solitaire
A1d Live And Let Die
A2 Air On The G String
The Beatle Suite
A3a Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
A3b Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
A3c A Day In The Life
B1 Theme One
B2 Elizabeth And Essex
Yellow Submarine Suite
B3a Pepper Land
B3b March Of The Meanies
B3c Desolation
B3d Voyage Through The Seas Of Time, Holes And Monsters
B3e Yellow Submarine
B4 Prelude For Strings