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2008 The Anthology
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Álbum: The Anthology
Original de: 2008
Discografica: Salvo
Edición: 2008
Remastered: SI
Formato: mp3 – Cuádruple
Año de formación: 1966
Origen: Gran Bretaña


CD 1
01. Evil Woman Blues (with John Mayall)
02. The Stumble (with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers)
03. Sitting In The Rain (with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers)
04. The World Keep On Turning (with Fleetwood Mac)
05. The Supernatural (with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers)
06. Looking For Somebody (with Fleetwood Mac)
07. Long Grey Mare (feat. Bob Brunning with Fleetwood Mac)
08. Stop Messin’ Around (with Fleetwood Mac)
09. Train Is Coming (with Eddie Boyd & His Blues Band)
10. Greeny (with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers)
11. Soul Dressing (with Peter B’s Looners)
12. I Loved Another Woman (with Fleetwood Mac)
13. No Place To Go (with Fleetwood Mac)
14. You Don’t Love Me (with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers)
15. Lazy Poker Blues (with Fleetwood Mac)
16. Merry Go Round (with Fleetwood Mac)
17. Trying So Hard To Forget (with Duster Bennett)
18. Ramblin’ Pony (with Fleetwood Mac)
19. Drifting (with Fleetwood Mac)
CD 2
01. Black Magic Woman (with Fleetwood Mac)
02. Albatross (with Fleetwood Mac)
03. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (with Otis Spann)
04. Someday Baby (with Fleetwood Mac at Blues Jam At Chess)
05. Watch Out (with Fleetwood Mac at Blues Jam At Chess)
06. Ooh Baby (with Fleetwood Mac at Blues Jam At Chess)
07. Horton’s Boogie Woogie – Take One (with Walter Horton , Otis Spann & S.P.Leary at Blues Jam At Chess)
08. Love That Burns (with Fleetwood Mac)
09. First Train Home (with Fleetwood Mac)
10. Need Your Love So Bad (with Fleetwood Mac)
11. Don’t Goof With The Spook (with Peter Bardens)
12. The Answer (with Peter Bardens)
13. Homage To The God Of Light (with Peter Bardens)
14. Oh Well Part 1 and Part 2 (with Fleetwood Mac)
CD 3
01. Man Of The World (with Fleetwood Mac)
02. Before The Bginning (with Fleetwood Mac)
03. Momma Don’tcha Cry (Peter Green, solo)
04. Underway (with Fleetwood Mac)
05. Rattlesnake Shake (with Fleetwood Mac)
06. It’s Gonna Be Me (Peter Green, solo)
07. White Sky (love that evil woman) (with Fleetwood Mac)
08. The Green Manalishi (with The Two Prong Crown & Fleetwod Mac)
09. Show-biz Blues (with Fleetwood Mac)
10. In The Skies (Peter Green, solo)
11. Like A Hot Tornado (Peter Green, solo)
12. Whatcha Gonna Do? (Peter Green, solo)
13. Carry My Love (Peter Green, solo)
14. Corners Of My Mind (Peter Green, solo)
15. Hidden Depth (Peter Green feat. Zoot Money)
CD 4
01. Big Chance Is Gonna Come (with Splinter Group)
02. I’m A Steady Rollin’ Man (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group feat. Otis Rush)
03. It Takes Time (with Splinter Group)
04. Don’t Walk Away (with Splinter Group)
05. Heart Of Stone (with Splinter Group)
06. Love in Vain Blues (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group)
07. From Four Until Late (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group feat. Dr.John)
08. I’m Ready For You (with Splinter Group)
09. Cruel Contradictions (with Dick Heckstall-Smith)
10. Me And The Devil Blues (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group)
11. Cross Road Blues (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group feat. Buddy Guy)
12. Dead Shrimp Blues (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group feat. Hubert Sumlin)
13. Travelling Reverside Blues (with Nigel Watson & Splinter Group feat. Joe Louis Walker & Honey Boy Edwards)
14. Time Keeps Slipping Away (with Splinter Group)
15. Look Out For Yourself (with Splinter Group)
16. Albatross (with Chris Coco)

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