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1984 Original Master Recordings
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Álbum: Original Master Recordings
Original de: 1984
Discografica: MFSL
Edición: 1984
Remastered: SI
Formato: mp3 – 11CD
Año de formación: 1962
Origen: Gran Bretaña

Contenido del Box Set

01. The Rolling Stones (1964)

A1. Route 66
A2. I Just Want To Make Love To You
A3. Honest I Do
A4. I Need You Baby
A5. Now I’ve Got A Witness
A6. Little By Little
B1. I’m A King Bee
B2. Carol
B3. Tell Me
B4. Can I Get A Witness
B5. You Can Make It If You Try
B6. Walking The Dog
02. 12×5 (1964)

A1. Around And Around
A2. Confessin’ The Blues
A3. Empty Heart
A4. Time Is On My Side
A5. Good Times Bad Times
A6. It’s All Over Now
B1. 2120 South Michigan Avenue
B2. Under The Broadwalk
B3. Congratulations
B4. Grow Up Wrong
B5. If You Need Me
B6. Susie Q

03. Out Of Our Heads (1965)

A1. Mercy Mercy
A2. Hitch Hike
A3. The Last Time
A4. That’s How Strong My Love Is
A5. Good Times
A6. I’m All Rigt
B1. Satisfaction
B2. Cry To Me
B3. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
B4. Play With Fire
B5. The Spider And The Fly
B6. One More Try


04. Aftermath (1966)

A1. Mother’s Little Helper
A2. Studio Girl
A3. Lady Jane
A4. Under My Thumb
A5. Doncha Bother Me
A6. Goin’ Home
B1. Flight 505
B2. High And Dry
B3. Out Of Time
B4. It’s Not Easy
B5. I Am Waiting
B6. Take It Or Leave It
B7. Think
B8. What To Do

05. Between The Buttons (1967)

A1. Yesterday’ Papers
A2. My Obsession
A3. Back Street Girl
A4. Connection
A5. She Smiled Sweetly
A6. Cool, Calm And Collected
B1. All Sold Out
B2. Please Go Home
B3. Who’s Been Sleeping Here
B4. Complicated
B5. Miss Amanda Jones
B6. Something Happened To Me Yesterday

06. Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)

A1. Sing This All Together
A2. Citadel
A3. In Another Land
A4. 2000 Man
A5. Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
B1. She’s A Rainbow
B2. The Lantern
B3. Gomper
B4. 2000 Light Years From Home
B5. On With The Show


07. Beggars Banquet (1968)

A1. Sympathy For The Devil
A2. No Expectation
A3. Dear Doctor
A4. Parachute Woman
A5. Jig-Saw Puzle
B1. Street Fighting Man
B2. Prodigal Son
B3. Stray Cat Blues
B4. Factory Girl
B5. Salt Of The Earth

08. Let It Bleed (1969)

A1. Gimme Shelter
A2. Love In Vain
A3. Country Honk
A4. Live With Me
A5. Let It Bleed
B1. Midnight Rambler
B2. You Got The Silver
B3. Monkey Man
B4. You Can’t Always Get What You Want


09. Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970)

A1. Jampin’ Jack Flash
A2. Carol
A3. Stray Cat Blues
A4. Love In Vain
A5. Midnight Rambler
B1. Sympathy For The Devil
B2. Live With Me
B3. Little Queenie
B4. Honky Tonk Women
B5. Street Fighting Man


10. Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (1971)

A1. Time Is On My Side
A2. Hart Of Stone
A3. Play With Fire
A4. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
A5. As Tears Go By
A6. Get Off Of My Cloud
B1. Mother’s Little Helper
B2. 19th Nervous Breakdown
B3. Paint It, Black
B4. Under My Thumb
B5. Ruby Tuesday
B6. Let’s Spend The Night Together

11. Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (1971)

C1. Jumping Jack Flash
C2. Street Fighting Man
C3. Sympathy For The Devil
C4. Honky Tonk Women
C5. Gimme Shelter
D1. Midnight Rambler
D2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
D3. Brown Sugar
D4. Wild Horses

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